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Tag Archives: Graph Traversals

Given two vertices in a graph s and t, which of the two traversals (BFS and DFS) can be used to find if there is… Read More
Make is a utility that automatically builds executable programs and libraries from source code by reading files called makefiles which specify how to derive the… Read More
Consider the following graph, Among the following sequences: (I) a b e g h f (II) a b f e h g (III) a b… Read More
Let G be an undirected graph. Consider a depth-first traversal of G, and let T be the resulting depth-first search tree. Let u be a… Read More
The Breadth First Search algorithm has been implemented using the queue data structure. One possible order of visiting the nodes of the following graph is… Read More
What are the appropriate data structures for following algorithms? 1) Breadth First Search                        … Read More
Traversal of a graph is different from tree because (A) There can be a loop in graph so we must maintain a visited flag for… Read More
Which of the following algorithms can be used to most efficiently determine the presence of a cycle in a given graph ? (A) Depth First… Read More

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