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Given an undirected non-weighted graph G. For a given node start return the shortest path that is the number of edges from start to all… Read More
Given an undirected graph G, the task is to find the shortest path of even-length, given 1 as Source Node and N as Destination Node.… Read More
Given a weighted Directed Graph where the weights may be negative, find the shortest path between every pair of vertices in the Graph using Johnson’s… Read More
Is the following statement valid?. Given a graph where all edges have positive weights, the shortest paths produced by Dijsktra and Bellman Ford algorithm may… Read More
Is the following statement valid?. Given a weighted graph where weights of all edges are unique (no two edge have same weights), there is always… Read More
Match the following Group A Group B a) Dijkstra's single shortest path algo p) Dynamic Programming b) Bellmen Ford's single shortest path algo q) Backtracking… Read More
Is the following statement valid about shortest paths? Given a graph, suppose we have calculated shortest path from a source to all other vertices. If… Read More
Given a directed graph where weight of every edge is same, we can efficiently find shortest path from a given source to destination using? (A)… Read More
Which of the following algorithm can be used to efficiently calculate single source shortest paths in a Directed Acyclic Graph? (A) Dijkstra (B) Bellman-Ford (C)… Read More
Following statement is true or false? If we make following changes to Dijkstra, then it can be used to find the longest simple path, assume… Read More
In a weighted graph, assume that the shortest path from a source ‘s’ to a destination ‘t’ is correctly calculated using a shortest path algorithm.… Read More
What is the time complexity of Bellman-Ford single-source shortest path algorithm on a complete graph of n vertices? (A) (B) (C) (D) Answer: (C) Explanation:… Read More
Suppose we run Dijkstra’s single source shortest-path algorithm on the following edge weighted directed graph with vertex P as the source. In what order do… Read More
In an unweighted, undirected connected graph, the shortest path from a node S to every other node is computed most efficiently, in terms of time… Read More

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