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Google Search Console is the place where a webmaster can check indexing status and optimize visibility of the web. Formerly, it was known as Google… Read More
Footers are the most important part of the website as they contain all the contact information of the company or the person in charge. Without… Read More
Disqus is a blog comment hosting service for the website. It’s a very useful and interactive tool to make a website alive. It’s an American… Read More
Google Calendar is used to quickly schedule meetings and events and also used to get reminders about upcoming activities. Calendar is designed for teams, so… Read More
Now social media has become an inseparable part of this world. Adding social media share buttons to a website is very crucial nowadays. You can’t… Read More
Every website needs a search bar through which a user can search the content of their concern on that page. A search bar is necessary… Read More
For every successful organization, regardless of industry- Education Transportation, travel or health, Google analytics is widely used to have a deeper insight into customers. As… Read More
Sometimes you have a very large webpage and when other user tries to read the content from your page they may find it difficult to… Read More
You may be thinking that you can’t host the Google Site website that you made on your domain but you will be astonished to that… Read More
Buttons are one of the most used elements in web pages. Buttons are used for event processing and interacting with the user. From submitting a… Read More
Google Forms are one of the most famous online platform developed and supported by Google. One can create and customize the created forms and can… Read More
Copy the Heading Link: To copy the heading list follow the steps mentioned below: Go to your published site and scroll down to a heading… Read More
Sometimes you want to share some slides through your website then this is might be something looking for as in Google Sites you can embed… Read More
Sometimes you want to transfer the complete ownership of your website to someone else, it can be done with the site made on Google Sites.… Read More
Sometimes to avoid accidents you would like to take the backup of the site you have and you can take that in Google Site. Google… Read More

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