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Most of us are familiar with various Google Workspace products(also called G Suite) like Calendar, Drive, and Gmail, etc.  But along with these products, Google… Read More
Many of you know how to use Gmail, Google Drive, and Docs, and that’s great. But can you code them too? In this article we… Read More
Problem Statement: Rinki works for StoreCraft(Say) as a site reliability engineer, where she’s on-call maintaining their custom storefront. StoreCraft’s systems are developed in-house in Python… Read More
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Google Cloud in collaboration with Developer Students Club (DSC) provides an opportunity to students to start their journey in cloud programming with hands-on labs on… Read More
Problem Statement: When TCS was just a prototype, bundling up their app and sharing it with the testing team was fairly simple. The coders could… Read More
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Python is one of the most popular programming languages and growing. It’s well-suited for a number of use cases, including web applications, machine learning, and… Read More
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