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Eligible Branches: Open to All. Online Test (135 mins): Platform: Hackerrank. The test consisted of 5 sections: 2 Coding Questions in 30 min. Both were… Read More
My Background: I am currently in my final year pursuing a B.E in Electronics and  Computer Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. I… Read More
Coding Round:  Given a number x, and a range of y to z. Please find the count of all the numbers in the range. Such… Read More
I am a pre-final year student. Recently Goldman Sachs visited my campus and was open for all branches, without any GPA criteria. They were hiring… Read More
Online Coding Interview CODING ROUND: Duration: 90 minutes Interview-Date: 16 Sep 2022 Problems: 2 The test was conducted on the AMCAT platform, with a webcam… Read More
Goldman Sachs visited VNIT Nagpur during the ongoing placement season (July 2021) offering Full-Time Employment opportunities to final year students and Internships to pre-final year… Read More
I got this opportunity through LinkedIn, where a recruiter messaged me that he liked my profile and wanted me to participate in the interview process,… Read More
Online Test: Aptitude Section  CS Fundamentals Section  Essay Writing  2 Coding Questions (Easy to Medium Level)  The test was conducted on Hackerrank and was un-proctored,… Read More
Round 1: Coding question: Round 2: Introduce yourself. Coding question: them the brute force approach first. Then, optimized it using dynamic programming. There was… Read More
Hey guys, I got interviewed with Goldman Sachs for the role of Technology Analyst. I was approached by HR through Linkedin. Round 1(Online Assessment): (HackerRank… Read More
Round 1: This was a Coderpad round. Duration-75 minutes. Need to code while the interviewer monitors your approach. This round had 2 questions to code.… Read More
I was contacted through LinkedIn by a Sourcing Specialist of Goldman Sachs in Bangalore (Suggestion – Keep your LinkedIn profile updated.) After about a week,… Read More
Hae, I am currently pursuing my B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Raipur. Goldman Sachs doesn’t visit our campus. I applied for Goldman Sachs through… Read More
Given an array arr[] denoting the radius of circular pizzas and an integer N denoting the number of friends. The task is to calculate the… Read More
The company Visited our Campus for the internship drive in August 2021. Round 1(Online Assessment Test): – The test was on HackerRank Platform with tab… Read More

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