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There are two terms i.e. Slice and Composite Literal. Slice is a composite data type similar to an array which is used to hold the… Read More
A variable is a storage location or place holder used for holding the value. It allows us to manipulate and retrieve the stored information. There… Read More
Prerequisite: Variables in Go Programming Language The Scope of a variable can be defined as a part of the program where a particular variable is… Read More
Prerequisite: Introduction to Go Programming Language Before, we start with the process of Installing Golang on our System. We must have first-hand knowledge of What… Read More
Go language provides a special feature known as an anonymous function. An anonymous function is a function which doesn’t contain any name. It is useful… Read More
The function that is called with the varying number of arguments is known as variadic function. Or in other words, a user is allowed to… Read More
Data types specify the type of data that a valid Go variable can hold. In Go language, the type is divided into four categories which… Read More
In Go language, you are allowed to return multiple values from a function, using the return statement. Or in other words, in function, a single… Read More
In Go language, the select statement is just like switch statement, but in the select statement, case statement refers to communication, i.e. sent or receive… Read More
A typical program uses various values that may change during its execution. For Example, a program that performs some operations on the values entered by… Read More
Functions are generally the block of codes or statements in a program that gives the user the ability to reuse the same code which ultimately… Read More
Keywords or Reserved words are the words in a language that are used for some internal process or represent some predefined actions. These words are… Read More
In programming languages, identifiers are used for identification purposes. Or in other words, identifiers are the user-defined name of the program components. In Go language,… Read More
A switch statement is a multiway branch statement. It provides an efficient way to transfer the execution to different parts of a code based on… Read More
Loop control statements in the Go language are used to change the execution of the program. When the execution of the given loop left its… Read More

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