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Here, we will check the status of a URL using Golang. First, we will import the simple fmt package in Golang and then store the… Read More
Given an array of some particular data type, we want to find the frequency(number of occurrences) of the elements in the array. We can do… Read More
Sometimes we need some random numbers but not repeated, generally random numbers are pseudo-random and there is definitely a chance of repetition in them. Let’s… Read More
We might want to generate random strings or even sets of characters to perform some operations or add certain string-related functionality into an application. We… Read More
In this article, we will see how to validate an alphanumeric string in Golang. We will simply input a string from the user and check… Read More
File reading is such an important aspect of a programming language. We need to perform certain operations programmatically, using automation in file reading/writing allows us… Read More
Let’s say we have a map and want to find a specific key-value pair but it can be located in any order, so to have… Read More
A switch statement is a multiway branch statement. It provides an efficient way to transfer the execution to different parts of a code based on… Read More
Structure in Golang is used to store different types of data in one place. ‘struct’ itself is a user-defined data type. The syntax of ‘struct’… Read More
To fetch an Integer variable as String, Go provides strconv package which has methods that return a string representation of int variable. There is nothing… Read More
In Golang when we want to remove the duplicates not considering any particular order as the initial values, we make use of Mapping in Go… Read More
Structs consist of data, but apart from this, structs also tell about the behavior in the form of methods. Methods attached to structs is very… Read More
A struct (Structure) is a user-defined type in Golang that contains a collection of named fields/properties which creates own data types by combining one or… Read More
Arrays in Golang or Go programming language is much similar to other programming languages. In the program, sometimes we need to store a collection of… Read More
A structure or struct in Golang is a user-defined data type that allows to combine data types of different kinds and act as a record.… Read More

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