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Tag Archives: Golang-File-Handling

File reading is such an important aspect of a programming language. We need to perform certain operations programmatically, using automation in file reading/writing allows us… Read More
As per Wikipedia, data compression or file compression can be understood as a process of reducing the size of a particular file/folder/whatever data while still… Read More
To read a file line by line the bufio package Scanner is used. Let the text file be named as sample.txt and the content inside… Read More
Golang offers a vast inbuilt library that can be used to perform read and write operations on files. In order to read from files on… Read More
In the Go language, you are allowed to rename and move the existing file to a new path with the help of the Rename() method.… Read More
In the Go language, you are allowed to remove the existing file with the help of the Remove() method. This method removes the specified file… Read More
Like other programming languages, Go language also allows you to create files. For creating a file it provides Create() function, this function is used to… Read More

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