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Concurrent lines are line segments, two or more, crossing through a single point of intersection. The point is called the point of concurrency. The point… Read More
The surface area of a sphere is the area occupied by the curved surface of that sphere. In geometry, a sphere is a three-dimensional solid… Read More
When a quadratic equation is represented graphically with a U – shape, it is called a parabola. A parabola can also be defined as a… Read More
The perimeter of square is defined as the total length of the boundaries of that square. The perimeter of any shape can be obtained in… Read More
Circumference of a Circle is defined as the boundary or the outer path covered by any circle. Generally, the Circumference of a Circle is also… Read More
The word “geometry” is the English equivalent of the Greek “geometry”. “Geo” means “Earth” and “Metron” means “measure”. Even today, geometric ideas are reflected in… Read More
The perimeter of any figure is defined as the sum of all its sides. In a simple way, we just need to add up all… Read More
Geometry is derived from a Greek word that means ‘Earth Measurement’. It is a branch of mathematics and is concerned with the properties of space… Read More
When two or more lines are met at a point to form an angle, that point can be called a vertex. So vertex can be… Read More
Pythagorean theorem is a theorem for right-angled triangles, it is also referred to as the Pythagoras theorem. It is used to show the connection in… Read More
Angle is a space acquired between two intersecting lines. The angles are formed between the two lines known as arms and the point where an… Read More
Geometry is described as the study of the measurement, qualities, and connections of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. Simply said, geometry is a branch… Read More
Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with the shape of individual objects, their spatial relationships, and the properties of surrounding space. It’s the study… Read More
Geometry is the branch of mathematics dealing with points, lines, angles, and figures. In other words, geometry is the study of figures, and the quantities… Read More
Triangle is a closed figure which is formed by three line segments. It consists of three angles and three vertices. The angles of triangles can… Read More

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