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Slope formula is used to determine the steepness or inclination of a line. The x and y coordinates of the points lying on the line… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of (4 * N + 1) pairs of coordinates representing the coordinates of the corners of any N squares such… Read More
Given N horizontal lines represented by an array position[][] of size N, where position[i] represents the ith horizontal line which has x-coordinates from position[i][0] to… Read More
Given an N-sided regular convex polygon and an angle A in degrees, the task is to find any 3 vertices i, j, and k, such… Read More
Given a 2D array arr[][], representing width of bricks of the same height present on a wall, the task is to find the minimum number… Read More
Given two integers A and B, representing the length of the semi-major and semi-minor axes of a Hyperbola, the task is to find the length… Read More
Given six integers, a, b, c, i, j, and k representing the equation of the circle  and equation of the line , the task is to find… Read More
Given four integers a, b, c, and d, which represents the coefficient of the equation of the plane ax + by + cz + d… Read More
Given two integers D and A representing the perpendicular distance from the origin to a straight line and the angle made by the perpendicular with… Read More
Given three integers a, b, c representing coefficients of the equation x2 + y2 + ax + by + c = 0 of a circle,… Read More
Given a positive integer R representing the radius of the circle and the center of the circle (X1, Y1) and another point (X2, Y2) in… Read More
Given an N-sided polygon, the task is to find the ratio of the area of the Nth to (N + 1)th N-sided regular nested polygons… Read More
Given an integer L, representing the side length of an N-sided regular polygon and integer K, the task is to find the side length of… Read More
Given a sorted 2D array arr[][2] of size N such that (arr[i][0], arr[i][1]) represents the coordinates of ith point in the cartesian plane and an… Read More

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