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Agriculture is the primary economic activity in India. The vast majority of individuals are employed in the agriculture sector. Crop farming, cattle raising, forestry, and… Read More
The Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD) was laid out in the year 1985 by the Government of India (GOI) to give a useful stage… Read More
The main factors that determine the usefulness of any natural resource are “people”, as only they have the ability to perceive all substances as resources.… Read More
A resource is anything that is useful and adds value to life. Everything that exists in nature and is useful to mankind – air, water,… Read More
Minerals are shaped in various kinds of topographical conditions, under shifting circumstances. They are made by normal cycles with no human impedance. A normally happening… Read More
Industrial areas are concentrated in particular areas because of favorable geo-economic conditions. These are areas in which the manufacturing industries tend to operate on a… Read More
Individuals are a country’s most noteworthy asset. Individuals with their requests and capacities transform nature’s abundance into ‘assets’. Thus solid, instructed and spurred individuals foster… Read More
People are the country’s most prominent asset. Individuals with their needs but their abilities completely change the diversity among “assets”. So those who are tough,… Read More
Iron and steel may be a basic trade and structures the inspiration of recent improvements in any country. It offers unrefined substance for creating trendy… Read More
Things that have esteem and fulfill a person’s want are known as resources. Natural merchandise, vegetables, carts, Water, and Electricity are all assets since {they… Read More
Water scarcity is the state of shortage of water, an imbalance is caused between the demand and the supply of water, and inadequate availability of… Read More
The first wellspring of water is precipitation from the climate. The water accessible on the earth might happen in each of the three phases gas,… Read More
Natural resources refer to those resources which exist on the planet, independent of the activities and actions of humans. These resources are found in the… Read More
The cotton industry in India has been considered to be the second most developed in the textile industry of India following the man-made textile. India… Read More
Land is a valuable natural resource that plays a significant role in the survival and prosperity of human society. The earth’s surface offers numerous advantages… Read More