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Grass stretches to the skyline toward each path.  Temperate depicts the field’s climate, highlighting warm summers and crisp winters. Life in temperate grasslands can be… Read More
Because of its high elevation, Ladakh is continuously freezing cold and dry for the greater part of the year. The air is flimsy to such… Read More
The environment is the essential framework that upholds all life structures on the planet. The climate comes from a French word; ‘environ’ which implies around.… Read More
Railways are India’s principal mode of passenger and freight transportation. Railway expansion has not only served to unite India, but it has also aided the… Read More
The atmosphere, which surrounds our planet, is a huge blanket of air. To exist, all living organisms on this planet rely on the atmosphere. It… Read More
Grasslands are areas of vegetation where grasses predominate. Grasslands can be found on every continent except Antarctica and in nearly every ecoregion. Grasslands are also… Read More
A gaseous blanket that surrounds the Earth and includes the air we breathe is referred to as an atmosphere. The gravitational pull of the earth… Read More
The term “environment” refers to everything in our immediate surroundings, including both living and nonliving items such as soil, water, animals, and plants that adapt… Read More
Forests are absolutely necessary for human survival. We are all dependent on forests in some way for survival. Forests supply us with clean air, food,… Read More
Tropical evergreen forests cover the majority of India’s natural vegetation. They thrive in places with more than 200 cm of yearly rainfall. Evergreen forests are… Read More
The earth, our homeland is a powerful planet  It is continually going through changes inside and outside. Earth is the third planet from the Sun… Read More
Life in Temperate grasslands is described as having grasses as the prevailing vegetation. Trees and huge bushes are missing. Temperatures differ more from summer to… Read More
As in the case of woodlands, they are covered with trees, grasslands, and districts where grasses are the principal kind of life. Prairies cover more… Read More

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