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Polygenic inheritance is a type of inheritance in which multiple genes control the phenotype of an organism. The phenotypes or traits can be height, skin… Read More
Variations occur due to struggling between organisms for food, shelter, and other resources in an environment, which makes the organisms more adaptive and strong in… Read More
Mendelian disorders are a form of genetic disorder that is caused by the inheritance of single or multiple mutant genes from one or both parents.… Read More
Living things include two different forms of DNA: prokaryotic and eukaryotic. All living things have a complicated molecule called DNA that holds the instructions for… Read More
Chromatids are one of the essential components of a chromosome, and they play a vital role in cell division, DNA replication, and genetic inheritance. Chromatids… Read More
Co-Dominance is a process, where two or more Dominant gene features can be shown in the animal body. In a simple process, the same dominant… Read More
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Dihybrid cross is a cross between the 2 traits. A Dihybrid cross is a genetic cross that takes place between 2 individuals that are different… Read More
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The Central Dogma, claims that once “information” has transferred into protein, it cannot be retrieved. In greater detail, information transmission from nucleic acid to the… Read More