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A hardwired CPU uses 10 control signals S1 to S10, in various time steps T1 to T5, to implement 4 instructions I1 to I4 as… Read More
We have two designs D1 and D2 for a synchronous pipeline processor. D1 has 5 pipeline stages with execution times of 3 nsec, 2 nsec,… Read More
Which of the following input sequences will always generate a 1 at the output z at the end of the third cycle? (A) 0 0… Read More
Two concurrent processes P1 and P2 use four shared resources R1, R2, R3 and R4, as shown below. P1 P2 Compute: Use R1; Use R2;… Read More
Given below is a program which when executed spawns two concurrent processes : semaphore X : = 0 ; /* Process now forks into concurrent… Read More
A language L satisfies the Pumping Lemma for regular languages, and also the Pumping Lemma for context-free languages. Which of the following statements about L… Read More
Consider the regular grammar: S → Xa | Ya X → Za Z → Sa | ϵ Y → Wa W → Sa where S is… Read More
Let P be a non-deterministic push-down automaton (NPDA) with exactly one state, q, and exactly one symbol, Z, in its stack alphabet. State q is… Read More
Consider the non-deterministic finite automaton (NFA) shown in the figure. State X is the starting state of the automaton. Let the language accepted by the… Read More
Let P(x) and Q(x) be arbitrary predicates. Which of the following statements is always TRUE? (A) ((∀x(P(x)∨Q(x))))⟹((∀xP(x))∨(∀xQ(x))) (B) (∀x(P(x)⟹Q(x)))⟹((∀xP(x))⟹(∀xQ(x))) (C) (∀x(P(x))⟹∀x(Q(x)))⟹(∀x(P(x)⟹Q(x))) (D) (∀x(P(x))⇔(∀x(Q(x))))⟹(∀x(P(x)⇔Q(x))) Answer: (B)… Read More
What is the value of    (A) -1 (B) 1 (C) 0 (D) π Answer: (B) Explanation: In the above  integral  f(x) = (x- π)^3… Read More
Let n = p2q, where p and q are distinct prime numbers. How many numbers m satisfy 1 ≤ m ≤ n and gcd (m,… Read More
Let A be a set with n elements. Let C be a collection of distinct subsets of A such that for any two subsets S1… Read More
An unbiased coin is tossed repeatedly until the outcome of two successive tosses is the same. Assuming that the trials are independent, the expected number… Read More
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding a bridge? (A) Bridge is a layer 2 device (B) Bridge reduces collision domain (C) Bridge is… Read More