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Which of the above arguments are valid? (A) P and Q only (B) P and R only (C) P and S only (D) P, Q,… Read More
Consider the following statements: I. telnet, ftp and http are application layer protocols. II.l EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) components can be deployed in a J2EE… Read More
Which of the following objects can be used in expressions and scriplets in JSP (Java Server Pages) without explicitly declaring them?     (A) session… Read More
In TCP, a unique sequence number is assigned to each (A) byte (B) word (C) segment (D) message Answer: (A) Explanation: Since we all know… Read More
A host is connected to a Department network which is part of a University network. The University network, in turn, is part of the Internet.… Read More
A subnet has been assigned a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts that can belong to this subnet? (A) 14… Read More
A sender is employing public key cryptography to send a secret message to a receiver. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? (A) Sender… Read More
Which one of the following statements is FALSE? (A) HTTP runs over TCP (B) HTTP describes the structure of web pages (C) HTTP allows information… Read More
Which one of the following statements is FALSE? (A) TCP guarantees a minimum communication rate (B) TCP ensures in-order delivery (C) TCP reacts to congestion… Read More
Which one of the following statements is FALSE? (A) Packet switching leads to better utilization of bandwidth resources than circuit switching. (B) Packet switching results… Read More
Which level of locking provides the highest degree of concurrency in a relational data base? (A) Page (B) Table (C) Row (D) Page, table and… Read More
A software configuration management tool helps is (A) keeping track of the schedule based on the milestones reached (B) maintaining different versions of the configurable… Read More
A software organization has been assessed at SEI CMM Level 4. Which of the following does the organization need to practice beside Process Change Management… Read More
The diagram that helps in understanding and representing user requirements for a software project using UML (Unified Modeling Language) is:   (A) Entity Relationship Diagram… Read More
In a software project, COCOMO (Constructive Cost Model) is used to estimate (A) effort and duration based on the size of the software (B) size and… Read More

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