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The postorder traversal of a binary tree is 8, 9, 6, 7, 4, 5, 2, 3, 1. The inorder traversal of the same tree is… Read More
Which one of the following statements is FALSE? (A) Context-free grammar can be used to specify both lexical and syntax rules. (B) Type checking is… Read More
Which one the following is a closed form expression for the generating function of the sequence {an}, where an = 2n + 3 for all… Read More
Consider a process executing on an operating system that uses demand paging. The average time for a memory access in the system is M units… Read More
Let G be a finite group on 84 elements. The size of a largest possible proper subgroup of G is _______ . Note – This… Read More
A 32 – bit wide main memory unit with a capacity of 1 GB is built using 256M X 4-bit DRAM chips. The number of… Read More
Consider the following C program: #include <stdio.h>    int counter = 0;    int calc(int a, int b) {   int c;      counter++;   if (b… Read More
Consider a matrix where . Note that denotes the transpose of v. The largest eigenvalue of A is ________ . Note –This was Numerical Type… Read More
The chromatic number of the following graph is _________ . Note – This was Numerical Type question. (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 3 (D) 5… Read More
A queue is implemented using a non-circular singly linked list. The queue has a head pointer and a tail pointer, as shown in the figure.… Read More
In appreciative of social improvement completed in a town, a wealthy philanthropist decided to give gift of Rs. 750 to each male senior citizen and… Read More
If pqr ≠ 0 and p^(-x) = 1/q, q^(-y) = 1/r, r^(-z) = 1/p, find the value of the product xyz ? (A) -1 (B)… Read More
A six sided unbiased die with four green faces and two red faces is rolled seven times. Which of the following combinations is the most… Read More
In a party, 60% of the invited guests are male and 40% are female. If 80% of the invited guests attended the party and if… Read More
In the figure below, ∠DEC+∠BFC is equal to _______ . (A) ∠ BCD – ∠ BAD (B) ∠ BAD + ∠ BCF (C) ∠ BAD… Read More