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Consider the following processor design characteristics. I. Register-to-register arithmetic operations only II. Fixed-length instruction format III. Hardwired control unit Which of the characteristics above are… Read More
Match the following: (A) P-III, Q-IV, R-II, S-I (B) P-II, Q-I, R-IV, S-III (C) P-IV, Q-I, R-II, S-III (D) P-IV, Q-I, R-III, S-II Answer: (C)… Read More
Consider the following C program. #include <stdio.h> struct Ournode {   char x, y, z; };    int main() {   struct Ournode p = {'1', '0',… Read More
Consider a long-lived TCP session with an end-to-end bandwidth of 1 Gbps (= 109 bits-per-second). The session starts with a sequence number of 1234. The… Read More
Consider the sequential circuit shown in the figure, where both flip-flops used are positive edge-triggered D flip-flops. The number of states in the state transition… Read More
Consider a system with 3 processes that share 4 instances of the same resource type. Each process can request a maximum of K instances. Resource… Read More
Consider the following two tables and four queries in SQL. Book (isbn, bname), Stock (isbn, copies) Query 1: SELECT B.isbn, S.copies FROM Book B INNER… Read More
The set of all recursively enumerable languages is (A) closed under complementation. (B) closed under intersection. (C) a subset of the set of all recursive… Read More
Two people, P and Q, decide to independently roll two identical dice, each with 6 faces, numbered 1 to 6. The person with the lower… Read More
Let N be an NFA with n states. Let k be the number of states of a minimal DFA which is equivalent to N. Which… Read More
The value of correct to three decimal places (assuming that ) is _______ . Note –This was Numerical Type question. (A) 0.289 (B) 0.389 (C)… Read More
In an Entity-Relationship (ER) model, suppose R is a many-to-one relationship from entity set E1 to entity set E2. Assume that E1 and E2 participate… Read More
The following are some events that occur after a device controller issues an interrupt while process L is under execution. (P) The processor pushes the… Read More
Consider the following statements regarding the slow start phase of the TCP congestion control algorithm. Note that cwnd stands for the TCP congestion window and… Read More
Let ⊕ and ⊙ denote the Exclusive OR and Exclusive NOR operations, respectively. Which one of the following is NOT CORRECT? (A) A (B) B… Read More