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Consider the following problems. L(G) denotes the language generated by a grammar G. L(M) denotes the language accepted by a machine M. (I) For an… Read More
Consider the following undirected graph G: Choose a value for x that will maximize the number of minimum weight spanning trees (MWSTs) of G. The… Read More
Consider the minterm list form of a Boolean function F given below. F(P, Q, R, S) = Σm(0, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11) + d(3,… Read More
Consider the following C code. Assume that unsigned long int type length is 64 bits. unsigned long int fun(unsigned long int n) {         unsigned long… Read More
Consider the following languages: I. {ambncpdq ∣ m + p = n + q, where m, n, p, q ≥ 0} II. {ambncpdq ∣ m… Read More
The size of the physical address space of a processor is 2P bytes. The word length is 2W bytes. The capacity of cache memory is… Read More
Consider the following program written in pseudo-code. Assume that x and y are integers. Count (x, y) { if (y !=1 ) { if (x… Read More
Consider the following parse tree for the expression a#b$c$d#e#f, involving two binary operators $ and #. Which one of the following is correct for the… Read More
Consider Guwahati (G) and Delhi (D) whose temperatures can be classified as high (H), medium (M) and low (L). Let P(HG) denote the probability that… Read More
Consider the following solution to the producer-consumer synchronization problem. The shared buffer size is N. Three semaphores empty, full and mutex are defined with respective… Read More
Given a language L, define Li as follows: L0 = {ε} Li = Li-1∙L for all i>0 The order of a language L is defined… Read More
A processor has 16 integer registers (R0, R1, … , R15) and 64 floating point registers (F0, F1, … , F63). It uses a 2-byte… Read More
Consider a simple communication system where multiple nodes are connected by a shared broadcast medium (like Ethernet or wireless). The nodes in the system use… Read More
Consider an IP packet with a length of 4,500 bytes that includes a 20-byte IPv4 header ans 40-byte TCP header. The packet is forwarded to… Read More
Consider a storage disk with 4 platters (numbered as 0, 1, 2 and 3), 200 cylinders (numbered as 0, 1, … , 199), and 256… Read More