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Tag Archives: GATE-GATE-CS-2017 (Set 1)

After Rajendra Chola returned from his voyage to Indonesia, he ______ to visit the temple in Tanjavur. (A) was wishing (B) is wishing (C) wished… Read More
The probability that a k-digit number does NOT contain the digits 0, 5 or 9 is (A) 0.3k (B) 0.6k (C) 0.7k (D) 0.9k Answer:… Read More
Research in the workplace reveals thatpeople work for many reasons _________. (A) money beside (B) beside money (C) money besides (D) besides money Answer: (D)… Read More
Rahul, Murali, Srinivas and Arul are seated around a square table. Rahul is sitting to the left of Murali. Srinivas is sitting to the right… Read More
Find the smallest number y such that y x 162 (y multiplied by 162) is a perfect cube. (A) 24 (B) 27 (C) 32 (D)… Read More