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Tag Archives: GATE-GATE-CS-2017 (Set 1)

Consider a 2-way set associative cache with 256 blocks and uses LRU replacement, Initially the cache is empty. Conflict misses are those misses which occur… Read More
Consider the following two functions void fun1(int n){ if(n == 0) return; printf(“%d”, n); fun2(n-2); printf(“%d”, n); } void fun2(int n){ if(n == 0) return;… Read More
The value of the given expression (A) 0 (B) -1 (C) 1 (D) Does not exist Answer: (C) Explanation: Given, = (1-2+2)/(1-3+2)=0/0 form, then use… Read More
The values of parameters for the Stop-and – Wait ARQ protocol are as given below. Bit rate of the transmission channel = 1Mbps Propagation delay… Read More
In a database system, unique time stamps are assigned to each transaction using Lamport’s logical clock. Let TS(T1) and TS(T2) be the time stamps of… Read More
Let A be m×n real valued square symmetric matrix of rank 2 with expression given below.Consider the following statements   (i) One eigenvalue must be in… Read More
In a RSA cryptosystem a particular A uses two prime numbers p = 13 and q =17 to generate her public and private keys. If… Read More
If G is grammar with productions S → SaS | aSb | bSa | SS | ∈ where S is the start variable, then which… Read More
Consider the following grammar over the alphabet {a,b,c} given below, S and T are non-terminals. G1: S-->aSb|T T--> cT|∈ G2: S-->bSa|T T--> cT|∈ The language… Read More
Consider a RISC machine where each instruction is exactly 4 bytes long. Conditional and unconditional branch instructions use PC- relative addressing mode with Offset specified… Read More
Let p, q, and r be the propositions and the expression (p -> q) -> r be a contradiction. Then, the expression (r -> p)->… Read More
Consider the C functions foo and bar given below: int foo(int val) { int x = 0; while (val > 0) { x = x… Read More
Consider the expression (a-1) * ((( b + c ) / 3 )) + d)). Let X be the minimum number of registers required by… Read More
Let G = (V, E) be any connected undirected edge-weighted graph. The weights of the edges in E are positive any distinct. Consider the following… Read More
Consider a database that has the relation schemas EMP (EmpId, EmpName, DepId), and DEPT(DeptName, DeptId). Note that the DepId can be permitted to be NULL… Read More

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