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Instruction execution in a processor is divided into 5 stages. Instruction Fetch(IF), Instruction Decode (ID), Operand Fetch(OF), Execute(EX), and Write Back(WB), These stages take 5,4,20,… Read More
The output of executing the following C program is ________. # include int total(int v) { static int count = 0; while (v) { count… Read More
Recall that Belady’s anomaly is that the pages-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. Now consider the following statements: S1: Random… Read More
Let A and B be infinite alphabets and let # be a symbol outside both A and B. Let f be a total functional from… Read More
Let u and v be two vectors in R2 whose Euclidean norms satisfy |u| = 2|v|. What is the value α such that w =… Read More
Consider a combination of T and D flip-flops connected as shown below. The output of the D flipflop is connected to the input of the… Read More
Consider a database that has the relation schema CR(StudentName, CourseName). An instance of the schema CR is as given below. The following query is made… Read More
The number of integers between 1 and 500 (both inclusive) that are divisible by 3 or 5 or 7 is ______. Note: This questions appeared… Read More
Let A be an array of 31 numbers consisting of a sequence of 0’s followed by a sequence of 1’s. The problem is to find… Read More
A cache memory unit with capacity of N words and block size of B words is to be designed. If it is designed as direct… Read More
Consider the following C program. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> void printlength (char *s, char *t) { unsigned int c = 0; int len = ((strlen… Read More
A multithreaded program P executes with x number of threads and uses y number of locks for ensuring mutual exclusion while operating on shared memory… Read More
Consider the following grammar: stmt -> if expr then else expr; stmt | ε expr -> term relop term | term term -> id |… Read More
Consider the following languages over the alphabet ∑= {a,b,c}. Let L1 = {an bncm | m, n >= 0 } and L2 = {ambncn| m,… Read More
A computer network uses polynomial over GF(2) for error checking with 8 bits as information bits and uses x3 + x + 1 as the… Read More

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