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Tag Archives: GATE-GATE-CS-2016 (Set 2)

Consider a 128×103 bits/second satellite communication link with one-way propagation delay of 150 milliseconds. Selective retransmission (repeat) protocol is used on this link to send… Read More
For the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol for wireless communication, which of the following statements is/are TRUE? I. At least three non-overlapping channels are available for… Read More
A network has a data transmission bandwidth of 20 × 106 bits per second. It uses CSMA/CD in the MAC layer. The maximum signal propagation… Read More
Consider the following database table named water_schemes : The number of tuples returned by the following SQL query is with total(name, capacity) as select district_name,… Read More
Consider the following database schedule with two transactions, T1 and T2. S = r2(X); r1(X); r2(Y); w1(X); r1(Y); w2(X); a1; a2; where ri(Z) denotes a… Read More
A file system uses an in-memory cache to cache disk blocks. The miss rate of the cache is shown in the figure. The latency to… Read More
Consider a non-negative counting semaphore S. The operation P(S) decrements S, and V(S) increments S. During an execution, 20 P(S) operations and 12 V(S) operations… Read More
Consider the following two-process synchronization solution. Process 0 Process 1 Entry: loop while (turn == 1); Entry: loop while (turn == 0); (critical section) (critical… Read More
Consider the following processes, with the arrival time and the length of the CPU burst given in milliseconds. The scheduling algorithm used is preemptive shortest… Read More
A student wrote two context-free grammars G1 and G2 for generating a single C-like array declaration. The dimension of the array is at least one.… Read More
Which one of the following grammars is free from left recursion? (A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer: (B) Explanation: Grammar A has… Read More
Consider the following languages. L1 = { | M takes at least 2016 steps on some input}, L2 = { | M takes at least… Read More
Consider the following languages: L1 = {anbmcn : m, n >= 1} L2 = {anbnc2n : n >= 1} Which one of the following is… Read More
Consider the following two statements: I. If all states of an NFA are accepting states then the language accepted by the NFA is Σ∗ .… Read More
In an adjacency list representation of an undirected simple graph G = (V, E), each edge (u, v) has two adjacency list entries: [v] in… Read More