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The current erection cost of a structure is Rs. 13,200. If the labour wages per day increase by 1/5 of the current wages and the… Read More
A tourist covers half of his journey by train at 60 km/h, half of the remainder by bus at 30 km/h and the rest by… Read More
After several defeats in wars, Robert Bruce went in exile and wanted to commit suicide. Just before committing suicide, he came across a spider attempting… Read More
Out of all the 2-digit integers between 1 and 100, a 2-digit number has to be selected at random. What is the probability that the… Read More
Find the sum of the expression (A) 7 (B) 8 (C) 9 (D) 10 Answer: (B) Explanation: The Series can be re-written as (√2-√1)/(√2+√1)(√2-√1) +… Read More
Choose the grammatically INCORRECT sentence: (A) He is of Asian origin. (B) They belonged to Africa. (C) She is an European. (D) They migrated from… Read More
Were you a bird, you ______________ in the sky. (A) would fly (B) shall fly (C) should fly (D) shall have flown Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
What will be the maximum sum of 44, 42, 40, …… ? (A) 502 (B) 504 (C) 506 (D) 500 Answer: (C) Explanation: This is… Read More
Complete the sentence: Universalism is to particularism as diffuseness is to _________________ (A) specificity (B) neutrality (C) generality (D) adaptation Answer: (A) Explanation: Diffuseness means… Read More
Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word given below? Nadir (A) Highest (B) Lowest (C) Medium (D) Integration… Read More
For the relation R(ABCDEFGH) with FD’s= {CH->G, A->BC, B->CHF, E->A, F->EG such that F+ is exactly the set of FDs that hold for R.} Consider… Read More
Relation R has eight attributes ABCDEFGH. Fields of R contain only atomic values. F = {CH -> G, A -> BC, B -> CFH, E… Read More
Consider the same data as above question. What is the minimum number of page colours needed to guarantee that no two synonyms map to different… Read More
A computer uses 46-bit virtual address, 32-bit physical address, and a three-level paged page table organization. The page table base register stores the base address… Read More
In the above question, if array A is made to hold the string “abcde”, which of the above four test cases will be successful in… Read More

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