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Consider the following circuit involving three D-type flip-flops used in a certain type of counter configuration. If at some instance prior to the occurrence of… Read More
Consider the same recursive C function that takes two arguments unsigned int foo(unsigned int n, unsigned int r) {   if (n  > 0) return (n%r… Read More
Consider the following recursive C function that takes two arguments unsigned int foo(unsigned int n, unsigned int r) {   if (n  > 0) return (n%r… Read More
The following is the comment written for a C function. /* This function computes the roots of a quadratic equation a.x^2 + b.x + c… Read More
Database table by name Loan_Records is given below. Borrower Bank_Manager Loan_Amount Ramesh Sunderajan 10000.00 Suresh Ramgopal 5000.00 Mahesh Sunderajan 7000.00 What is the output of… Read More
A deterministic finite automation (DFA)D with alphabet {a,b} is given below Which of the following finite state machines is a valid minimal DFA which accepts the… Read More
An application loads 100 libraries at start-up. Loading each library requires exactly one disk access. The seek time of the disk to a random location… Read More
An 8KB direct-mapped write-back cache is organized as multiple blocks, each of size 32-bytes. The processor generates 32-bit addresses. The cache controller maintains the tag… Read More
Definition of a language L with alphabet {a} is given as following. L={| k>0, and n is a positive integer constant} What is the minimum… Read More
Consider an instruction pipeline with four stages (S1, S2, S3 and S4) each with combinational circuit only. The pipeline registers are required between each stage… Read More
Consider the matrix as given below. Which one of the following options provides the CORRECT values of the eigenvalues of the matrix? (A) 1, 4,… Read More
Consider a relational table r with sufficient number of records, having attributes A1, A2,…, An and let 1
Four matrices M1, M2, M3 and M4 of dimensions pxq, qxr, rxs and sxt respectively can be multiplied is several ways with different number of… Read More
Which of the given options provides the increasing order of asymptotic complexity of functions f1, f2, f3 and f4? f1(n) = 2^n f2(n) = n^(3/2)… Read More
Consider evaluating the following expression tree on a machine with load-store architecture in which memory can be accessed only through load and store instructions. The… Read More

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