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What is the value of Limn->∞(1-1/n)2n ?  (A) e-1/2  (B) 1  (C) e-2  (D) 0  Answer: (C)Explanation:Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment below if you find anything… Read More
Consider the set S = {1, ω, ω2}, where ω and w2 are cube roots of unity. If * denotes the multiplication operation, the structure… Read More
What is the possible number of reflexive relations on a set of 5 elements?  (A) 225  (B) 220  (C) 215  (D) 210  Answer: (B)Explanation: Number… Read More
Newton-Raphson method is used to compute a root of the equation x2-13=0 with 3.5 as the initial value. The approximation after one iteration is  (A)… Read More
Let G = (V,E) be a graph. Define ξ(G) = Σd id x d, where id is the number of vertices of degree d in… Read More