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If the strings of a language L can be effectively enumerated in lexicographic (i.e., alphabetic) order, which of the following statements is true ? (A)… Read More
The regular expression 0*(10*)* denotes the same set as (A) (1*0)*1* (B) 0 + (0 + 10)* (C) (0 + 1)* 10(0 + 1)* (D)… Read More
Nobody knows yet if P = NP. Consider the language L defined as follows : Which of the following statements is true ? (A) L… Read More
Ram and Shyam have been asked to show that a certain problem Π is NP-complete. Ram shows a polynomial time reduction from the 3-SAT problem… Read More
Consider an array multiplier for multiplying two n bit numbers. If each gate in the circuit has a unit delay, the total delay of the… Read More
For a pipelined CPU with a single ALU, consider the following situations 1. The j + 1-st instruction uses the result of the j-th instruction… Read More
Assuming all numbers are in 2’s complement representation, which of the following numbers is divisible by 11111011? (A) 11100111 (B) 11100100 (C) 11010111 (D) 11011011… Read More
Let G be an arbitrary graph with n nodes and k components. If a vertex is removed from G, the number of components in the… Read More
Consider the set ∑* of all strings over the alphabet ∑ = {0, 1}. ∑* with the concatenation operator for strings (A) does not form… Read More
Let T(n) be the number of different binary search trees on n distinct elements. Then , where x is (A) n-k+1 (B) n-k (C) n-k-1… Read More
n couples are invited to a party with the condition that every husband should be accompanied by his wife. However, a wife need not be… Read More
Let A be a sequence of 8 distinct integers sorted in ascending order. How many distinct pairs of sequences, B and C are there such… Read More
Let P(E) denote the probability of the event E. Given P(A) = 1, P(B) = 1/2, the values of P(A | B) and P(B |… Read More
Assume the following C variable declaration int *A [10], B[10][10];   Of the following expressions I A[2] II A[2][3] III B[1] IV B[2][3] which will not… Read More
Consider the following C function. float f(float x, int y) {   float p, s; int i;   for (s=1, p=1, i=1; i < y; i ++)… Read More