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Consider the following SQL query select distinct al, a2,........., an from r1, r2,........, rm where P For an arbitrary predicate P, this query is equivalent… Read More
Which of the following scenarios may lead to an irrecoverable error in a database system ? (A) A transaction writes a data item after it… Read More
Which of the following functionalities must be implemented by a transport protocol over and above the network protocol ? (A) Recovery from packet losses (B)… Read More
Which of the following assertions is FALSE about the Internet Protocol (IP) ? (A) It is possible for a computer to have multiple IP addresses… Read More
In a system with 32 bit virtual addresses and 1 KB page size, use of one-level page tables for virtual to physical address translation is… Read More
Using a larger block size in a fixed block size file system leads to : (A) better disk throughput but poorer disk space utilization (B)… Read More
Which of the following statements is FALSE ? (A) In statically typed language, each variable in a program has a fixed type (B) In un-typed… Read More
In a heap with n elements with the smallest element at the root, the 7th smallest element can be found in time (A) Θ(n log… Read More
The usual Θ(n2) implementation of Insertion Sort to sort an array uses linear search to identify the position where an element is to be inserted… Read More
Consider the following graph,    Among the following sequences:   (I) a b e g h f (II) a b f e h g (III) a… Read More
Consider the following three claims 1. (n + k)m = Θ(nm), where k and m are constants 2. 2n + 1 = O(2n) 3. 22n… Read More
Suppose the numbers 7, 5, 1, 8, 3, 6, 0, 9, 4, 2 are inserted in that order into an initially empty binary search tree.… Read More
In a bottom-up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, inherited attributes can (A) always be evaluated (B) be evaluated only if the definition is L-­attributed… Read More
Assume that the SLR parser for a grammar G has n1 states and the LALR parser for G has n2 states. The relationship between n1… Read More
Which of the following suffices to convert an arbitrary CFG to an LL(1) grammar? (A) Removing left recursion alone (B) Factoring the grammar alone (C)… Read More