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[5 Marks question] Show that the language L = { xcx | x∈ {0,1}* and c is a terminal symbol } is not context free,… Read More
[5 Marks question] a.  Given that A is regular and A∪B is regular, does it follow that B is necessarily regular? Justify your answer. b. … Read More
[5 Marks question] Let G be a connected, undirected graph. A cut in G is a set of edges whose removal results in 0 being… Read More
[5 Marks question] Let G be a finite group and H be a subgroup of G. For a∈G, define  aH= { ah | h∈H }… Read More
[5 Marks question] Mr. X claims the following: If a relation R is both symmetric and transitive, then R is reflexive. For this, Mr. X… Read More
Which of the following is/are correct? (A) An SQL query automatically eliminates the duplicates (B) An SQL query will not work if there are no… Read More
Consider the following C function definition. int Trial (int a, int b, int c) { if ((a >= b) && (c < b) return b;… Read More
A certain processor supports only the immediate and the direct addressing modes. Which of the following programming language features cannot be implemented on this processor?… Read More
The main difference(s) between a CISC and a RISC processor is/are that a USC processor typically: a) has fewer instructions b) has fewer addressing modes… Read More
If T1 = O(1), give the correct matching for the following pairs: (M) Tn=Tn−1+n (U) Tn=O(n) (N) Tn=Tn/2 +n (V) Tn=O(nlogn) (O) Tn=Tn/2 +nlogn (W)… Read More
The minimum number of record movements required to merge five files A (with 10 records), B (with 20 records), C (with 15 records), D (with… Read More
Arrange the following configurations for CPU in decreasing order of operating speeds; Hardwired Control, vertical microprogramming, horizontal microprogramming (A) Hardwired control, Vertical microprogramming, Horizontal microprogramming.… Read More
RAID configurations of disks are used to provide (A) Fault-tolerance (B) High speed (C) High data density (D) None of the above Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
Zero has two representations in: a) Sign magnitude b) 1’s complement c) 2’s complement d) None of the above (A) Only a (B) a and… Read More
The number of fill and half-address required to add 16-bit number is: (A) 8 half-adders, 8 full-adders (B) 1 half-adder, 15 full-adders (C) 16 half-adders,… Read More

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