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Four jobs to be executed on a single processor system arrive at time 0 in the order A, B, C, D. Their burst CPU time… Read More
A solution to the Dining Philosophers Problem which avoids deadlock is: (A) ensure that all philosophers pick up the left fork before the right fork… Read More
A 1000 Kbyte memory is managed using variable partitions but no compaction. It currently has two partitions of sizes 200 Kbytes and 260 Kbytes respectively.… Read More
The correct matching for the following pairs is A. Activation record 1. Linking loader B. Location counter 2. Garbage collection C. Reference counts 3. Subroutine… Read More
Which of the following macros can put a micro assembler into an infinite loop? (i) .MACRO M1 X .IF EQ, X ;if X=0 then M1… Read More
Quicksort is run on two inputs shown below to sort in ascending order taking first element as pivot, (i) 1, 2, 3,......., n (ii) n,… Read More
A binary search tree is generated by inserting in order the following integers: 50, 15, 62, 5, 20, 58, 91, 3, 8, 37, 60, 24… Read More
The average number of key comparisons done in a successful sequential search in a list of length it is (A) log n (B) (n-1)/2 (C) n/2… Read More
The recurrence relation T(1) = 2 T(n) = 3T(n/4)+n has the solution, T(n) equals to (A) O(n) (B) O(log n) (C) O(n^3/4) (D) None of… Read More
The minimum number of interchanges needed to convert the array 89, 19, 40, 17, 12, 10, 2, 5, 7, 11, 6, 9, 70 into a heap… Read More
The grammar whose productions are <stmt> → if id then <stmt> <stmt> → if id then <stmt> else <stmt> <stmt> → id := id is… Read More
Define for a context free language L ⊆ {0, 1}* ,  init(L)={u ∣ uv ∈ L for some v in {0,1}∗} ( in other words, init(L)… Read More
If L1 and L2 are context free languages and R a regular set, one of the languages below is not necessarily a context free language,… Read More
The probability that the top and bottom cards of a randomly shuffled deck are both aces is (A) 4/52 x 4/52 (B) 4/52 x 3/52… Read More
The matrices commute under multiplication (A) if a = b or Θ = nπ, n an integer (B) always (C) never (D) if a cosΘ = b… Read More

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