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Given below are the transition diagrams for two finite state machine M1 and M2 recognizing languages L1 and L2 respectively.          … Read More
Let G be a context-free grammar where G = ( { S, A, B, C}, { a,b, d}, P, S ) with the productions in… Read More
Let be two matrices such that Express the elements of D in terms of the elements of B. Answer: Explanation: As we know,    … Read More
The Fibonacci sequence {f1, f2, f3,….., fn} is defined by the following recurrence: fn+2 = fn+1 + fn, n ≥ 1; f2 = 1 : f1 = 1… Read More
Let F be the collection of all functions f: {1, 2,3} → {1, 2, 3}. If f and g ∈ F, define an equivalence relation ~  by… Read More
A demand paged virtual memory system uses 16 bit virtual address, page size of 256 bytes, and has 1 Kbyte of main memory. LRU page… Read More
An 8052 based system has an output port with address 00H. Consider the following assembly language program. ORG 0100H MVI A, 00H LXI H, 0105H… Read More
A logic network has two data inputs A and B, and two control inputs C0 and C1. It implements the function F according to the… Read More
A binary search tree is used to locate the number 43. Which of the following probe sequences are possible and which are not? Explain (A)… Read More
Let f be a function defined by           Find the values for the constants a, b, c and d so that… Read More
A micro program control unit is required to generate a total of 25 control signals. Assume that during any microinstruction , at most two control… Read More
What is the equivalent Boolean expression in product-of-sums form for the Karnaugh map given below.               . (A) BD’… Read More
Consider the given figure of state table for a sequential machine. The number of states in the minimized machine will be        … Read More
Consider the circuit in below figure. f implements (A) (ABC)’ + A’BC’ + ABC (B) A + B + C (C) A ⊕ B ⊕… Read More
Consider the circuit given below which has a four bit binary number b3b2b1b0 as input and a five bit binary number d4d3d2d1d0 as output. The… Read More

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