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Which of the following is false: (A) Digital signature is used to verify that a message is authentic. (B) Digital certificate is issued by a… Read More
Which protocol will be used to automate the IP configuration mechanism which includes IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS information? (A) SMTP (B)… Read More
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What is the min and max number of tables required to convert an ER diagram with 2 entities and 1 relationship between them with partial… Read More
A Relation R with FD set {A->BC, B->A, A->C, A->D, D->A}. How many candidate keys will be there in R? (A) 1 (B) 2 (C)… Read More
Consider the following C code for process P1 and P2. a=4, b=0, c=0 (initialization) P1 P2 if (a < 0) b = 10; c =… Read More
Consider the grammar G. E -> TE’ E’ -> +TE’ | ԑ T’ -> FT’ T’ -> *FT’ | ԑ F -> (E) | id… Read More
Consider regular expression r, where r = (11 + 111)* over Ʃ = {0, 1}. Number of states in minimal NFA and DFA respectively are:… Read More
Consider the Following regular expressions r1 = 1(0 + 1)* r2 = 1(1 + 0)+ r3 = 11*0 What is the relation between the languages… Read More
Which of the following intuitive definition is true about LR(1) Grammar. (A) For a grammar to be LR(1) it is sufficient that a left-to-right shift… Read More
Consider the following C code: int A[100][100]; int main() { for(int i=1; i < 100 ; i++) for(int j=1; j < 100;j++) A[i][j] = (i/j)*(j/i);… Read More
If Kruskal’s algorithm is used for finding a minimum spanning tree of a weighted graph G with n vertices and m edges and edge weights… Read More
Consider a sorted array of n numbers. What would be the time complexity of the best known algorithm to find a pair ‘a’ and ‘b’… Read More
What will be the output produced by the following C code: int main() { int array[5][5]; printf("%d",( (array == *array) && (*array == array[0]) ));… Read More
Consider a directed graph with n vertices and m edges such that all edges have same edge weights. Find the complexity of the best known… Read More