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A random variable x takes values 0, 1, 2, … with probability proportional to (x+1)(1/5)x. The probability that x
The value of the constant ‘C’ using Lagrange’s mean value theorem for f(x) = 8x – x2 in [0,8] is: (A) 4 (B) 8 (C)… Read More
Let G be a simple graph with 20 vertices and 8 components. If we delete a vertex in G, then number of components in G… Read More
Which of the given options define a transaction correctly? (A) A transaction consists of DDL statements on the database schema. (B) A transaction consists of… Read More
What will be the total minimum bandwidth of the channel required for 7 channels of 400 kHz bandwidth multiplexed together with each guard band of… Read More
Which option is true about the SQL query given below? SELECT firstName, lastName FROM Employee WHERE lastName BETWEEN 'A%' AND 'D%'; (A) It will display… Read More
If LRU and Geek page replacement are compared (in terms of page faults) only for above reference string then find the correct statement from the… Read More
Linked Questions 58-59 Assume GeeksforGeeks implemented the new page replacement algorithm in virtual memory and given its name as ‘Geek’. Consider the working strategy of… Read More
Assume every process requires 3 seconds of service time in a system with single processor. If new processes are arriving at the rate of 10… Read More
Which of the following statements is correct about context sensitive grammar? I) In a context sensitive grammar, ε can’t be the right hand side of… Read More
Let G be the CFG, l be the number of left most derivations, r be the number of right most derivations and P be the… Read More
Suppose M1 and M2 are two TM’s such that L(M1) = L(M2). Then (A) On every input on which M1 doesn’t halt, M2 doesn’t halt… Read More
Let, init (L) = {set of all prefixes of L}, Let L = {w | w has equal number of 0’s and 1’s} init (L)… Read More
Consider 2 scenarios: C1: For DFA (ϕ, Ʃ, δ, qo, F), if F = ϕ, then L = Ʃ* C2: For NFA (ϕ, Ʃ, δ,… Read More
A packet addressed to came to a router having routing table as follows. Which interface will it be forwarded to ? (A) A (B)… Read More

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