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Tag Archives: GATE-CS-2016 (Set 2)

Identify the correct sequence in which the following packets are transmitted on the network by a host when a browser requests a webpage from a… Read More
In an Ethernet local area network, which one of the following statements is TRUE ? (A) A station stops to sense the channel once it… Read More
Anarkali digitally signs a message and sends it to Salim. Verification of the signature by Salim requires (A) Anarkali’s public key. (B) Salim’s public key.… Read More
Suppose a database schedule S involves transactions T1, ….Tn. Construct the precedence graph of S with vertices representing the transactions and edges representing the conflicts.… Read More
B+ Trees are considered BALANCED because (A) the lengths of the paths from the root to all leaf nodes are all equal. (B) the lengths… Read More
In which one of the following page replacement algorithms it is possible for the page fault rate to increase even when the number of allocated… Read More
Match the following: (P) Lexical analysis (i) Leftmost derivation (Q) Top down parsing (ii) Type checking (R) Semantic analysis (iii) Regular expressions (S) Runtime environments… Read More
Consider the following types of languages: L1 Regular, L2: Context-free, L3: Recursive, L4: Recursively enumerable. Which of the following is/are TRUE? I. L3' U L4… Read More
Language L1 is defined by the grammar: S1 -> aS1b | ε Language L2 is defined by the grammar: S2 -> abS2 | ε Consider… Read More
The number of states in the minimum sized DFA that accepts the language defined by the regular expression (0+1)*(0+1)(0+1)* is __________________ [Note that this question… Read More
N items are stored in a sorted doubly linked list. For a delete operation, a pointer is provided to the record to be deleted. For… Read More
The Floyd-Warshall algorithm for all-pair shortest paths computation is based on: (A) Greedy paradigm. (B) Divide-and-Conquer paradigm. (C) Dynamic Programming paradigm. (D) neither Greedy nor… Read More
Assume that the algorithms considered here sort the input sequences in ascending order. If the input is already in ascending order, which of the following… Read More
The value printed by the following program is void f(int* p, int m) {     m = m + 5;     *p = *p + m;     return;… Read More
Breadth First Search (BFS) is started on a binary tree beginning from the root vertex. There is a vertex t at a distance four from… Read More

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