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Tag Archives: GATE-CS-2016 (Set 1)

A sender uses the Stop-and-Wait ARQ protocol for reliable transmission of frames. Frames are of size 1000 bytes and the transmission rate at the sender… Read More
For a host machine that uses the token bucket algorithm for congestion control, the token bucket has a capacity of 1 megabyte and the maximum… Read More
An IP datagram of size 1000 bytes arrives at a router. The router has to forward this packet on a link whose MTU (maximum transmission… Read More
Consider that B wants to send a message m that is digitally signed to A. Let the pair of private and public keys for A… Read More
Consider the following two phase locking protocol. Suppose a transaction T accesses (for read or write operations), a certain set of objects {O1,…,Ok}. This is… Read More
Consider the following proposed solution for the critical section problem. There are n processes: P0 …Pn−1. In the code, function pmax returns an integer not… Read More
Consider a computer system with ten physical page frames. The system is provided with an access sequence a1, a2, …, a20, a1, a2, …, a20),… Read More
Consider a disk queue with requests for I/O to blocks on cylinders 47, 38, 121, 191, 87, 11, 92, 10. The C-LOOK scheduling algorithm is… Read More
Consider a computer system with 40-bit virtual addressing and page size of sixteen kilobytes. If the computer system has a one-level page table per process… Read More
Consider the following Syntax Directed Translation Scheme (SDTS), with non-terminals {S, A} and terminals {a, b}}. Using the above SDTS, the output printed by a… Read More
The attributes of three arithmetic operators in some programming language are given below. Operator Precedence Associativity Arity + High Left Binary - Medium Right Binary… Read More
Let X be a recursive language and Y be a recursively enumerable but not recursive language. Let W and Z be two languages such that… Read More
Consider the transition diagram of a PDA given below with input alphabet ∑ = {a, b}and stack alphabet Γ = {X, Z}. Z is the initial… Read More
Consider the following context-free grammars:    Which one of the following pairs of languages is generated by G1 and G2, respectively      (A) A … Read More
Let Q denote a queue containing sixteen numbers and S be an empty stack. Head(Q) returns the element at the head of the queue Q… Read More