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Consider a 3 game tournament between two teams. Assume that every game results in either a win or loss. The team that wins two or… Read More
How many minimum states are required in a DFA to find whether a given binary string has odd number of 0’s or not, there can… Read More
Consider the following Deterministic Finite Automata Which of the following is true? (A) It only accepts strings with prefix as “aababb” (B) It only accepts… Read More
Consider the situation in which the disk read/write head is currently located at track 45 (of tracks 0-255) and moving in the positive direction. Assume… Read More
Consider the following Employee table   ID salary DeptName 1 10000 EC 2 40000 EC 3 30000 CS 4 40000 ME 5 50000 ME 6 60000… Read More
Consider the following three table to store student enrollements in different courses. Student(EnrollNo, Name) Course(CourseID, Name) EnrollMents(EnrollNo, CourseID) What does the following query do? SELECT… Read More
Let swap() be a function that swaps two elements using their addresses. Consider the following C function. void fun(int arr[], int n) {     for (int… Read More
Given an array that represents elements of arithmetic progression in order. It is also given that one element is missing in the progression, the worst… Read More
Which of the following changes to typical QuickSort improves its performance on average and are generally done in practice. 1) Randomly picking up to make… Read More
An ISP has a link of 100Mbps which is shared by its subscribers. Considering the fact that all of its subscribers are active 50% of… Read More
The increasing order of following functions in terms of asymptotic complexity is: (A) f1(n); f4(n); f2(n); f3(n) (B) f1(n); f2(n); f3(n); f4(n); (C) f2(n); f1(n);… Read More
Select the correct asymptotic complexity of an algorithm with runtime T(n, n) where T(x, c) = Θ(x) for c <= 2, T(c, y) = Θ(y)… Read More
Which of the following is NOT true about User Datagram Protocol in transport layer? (A) Works well in unidirectional communication, suitable for broadcast information. (B)… Read More
Consider the following routing table of a router. Consider the following three IP addresses. How are the packets with above three destination IP addresses are… Read More
Routers forward a packet using forwarding table entries. The network address of incoming packet may match multiple entries. How routers resolve this? (A) Forward it… Read More

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