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Let the page fault service time be 10ms in a computer with average memory access time being 20ns. If one page fault is generated for… Read More
The lexical analysis for a modern computer language such as Java needs the power of which one of the following machine models in a necessary… Read More
If the difference between expectation of the square of a random variable (E[X²]) and the square of the expectation of the random variable (E[X])² is… Read More
(A) K4 is planar while Q3 is not (B) Both K4 and Q3 are planar (C) Q3 is planar while K4 is not (D) Neither… Read More
A thread is usually defined as a “light weight process” because an operating system (OS) maintains smaller data structures for a thread than for a… Read More
The minimum number of D flip-flops needed to design a mod-258 counter is. (A) 9 (B) 8 (C) 512 (D) 258 Answer: (A) Explanation: An… Read More
The simplified SOP (Sum Of Product) form of the boolean expression (P + Q’ + R’) . (P + Q’ + R) . (P +… Read More
Which one of the following circuits is NOT equivalent to a 2-input XNOR (exclusive NOR) gate? (A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer:… Read More
Consider a relational table with a single record for each registered student with the following attributes. 1. Registration_Num: Unique registration number of each registered student… Read More
A computer handles several interrupt sources of which the following are relevant for this question. . Interrupt from CPU temperature sensor (raises interrupt if CPU… Read More
HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) has language elements which permit certain actions other than describing the structure of the web document. Which one of the following actions… Read More
Which of the following pairs have DIFFERENT expressive power? (A) Deterministic finite automata(DFA) and Non-deterministic finite automata(NFA) (B) Deterministic push down automata(DPDA)and Non-deterministic push down… Read More
Which one of the following is NOT desired in a good Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) document? (A) Functional Requirements (B) Non-Functional Requirements (C) Goals of… Read More
A company needs to develop digital signal processing software for one of its newest inventions. The software is expected to have 40000 lines of code.… Read More
The time taken to switch between user and kernel modes of execution be t1 while the time taken to switch between two processes be t2.… Read More

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