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Which function does NOT implement the Karnaugh map given below? (A) a (B) b (C) c (D) d Answer: (D) Explanation: As we know option… Read More
The simultaneous equations on the Boolean variables x, y, z and w, have the following solution for x, y, z and w, respectively. (A) 0… Read More
Consider the following decision problems: (P1) Does a given finite state machine accept a given string (P2) Does a given context free grammar generate an… Read More
What can be said about a regular language L over {a} whose minimal finite state automaton has two states? (A) L must be {an| n… Read More
Let a, b, c, d be propositions. Assume that the equivalences a ↔ (b V-b) and b ↔ c hold. Then the truth value of… Read More
Let P(S) denotes the power set of set S. Which of the following is always true? (A) a (B) b (C) c (D) d (E)… Read More
A relation R is defined on the set of integers as xRy if f(x + y) is even. Which of the following state­ments is true?… Read More
A polynomial p(x) satisfies the following: p(1) = p(3) = p(5) = 1 p(2) = p(4) = -1 The minimum degree of such a polynomial… Read More
Which of the following statements is true? (A) S > T (B) S = T (C) S T (D) 2S <= T Answer: (A) Explanation:… Read More
E1 and E2 are events in a probability space satisfying the following constraints: Pr(E1) = Pr(E2) Pr(EI U E2) = 1 E1 and E2 are… Read More
X, Y and Z are closed intervals of unit length on the real line. The overlap of X and Y is half a unit. The… Read More
Given the relations employee (name, salary, deptno) and department (deptno, deptname, address) Which of the following queries cannot be expressed using the basic relational algebra… Read More
B+ -trees are preferred to binary trees in databases because (A) Disk capacities are greater than memory capacities (B) Disk access is much slower than… Read More
Let m[0]…m[4] be mutexes (binary semaphores) and P[0] …. P[4] be processes. Suppose each process P[i] executes the following: wait (m[i]); wait(m[(i+1) mode 4]); ------… Read More
Which of the following need not necessarily be saved on a context switch between processes? (A) General purpose registers (B) Translation look aside buffer (C)… Read More

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