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A grammar that is both left and right recursive for a non-terminal is (A) Ambiguous (B) Unambiguous (C) Information is not sufficient to decide whether… Read More
The number of tokens in the Fortran statement DO 10  I= 1.25 is (A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) None of above Answer: (C)… Read More
Consider the following program in a language that has dynamic seeping. var x: real; procedure show: begin print(x);end; procedure small; var x: real; begin x:… Read More
Which of the following actions is/are typically not performed by the operating system when switching context from process A to process B? (A) Saving current… Read More
Which of the following is/are advantages of virtual memory? a) Faster access to memory on an average. b) Processes can be given protected address spaces.… Read More
A multi-user, multi-processing operating system cannot be implemented on hardware that does not support: a) Address translation b) DMA for disk transfer c) At least two modes of… Read More
Which of the following sets of component(s) is/are sufficient to implement any arbitrary boolean function? a) XOR gates, NOT gates b) 2 to 1 multiplexers c)  AND gates,… Read More
Consider the circuit shown below . In a certain steady state, the line Y is at ‘ 1 ‘. What are the possible values of… Read More
Consider the schema R= ( S, T, U, V ) and the dependencies S→T, T→U, U→V and V→S. Let R (R1 and R2) be a… Read More
For the schedule given below, which of the following is Correct? 1   Read A 2                     … Read More
Given the programming constructs i)assignment  ii)for loops where the loop parameter cannot be changed within the loop  iii)if-then-else  iv)forward  go to v)arbitrary go to  vi)non-recursive… Read More
If L1 is a context free language and L2 as a regular language, which of the following is/are False? a.  L1-L2 is not context free… Read More
Let L be a set with relation R which is transitive, anti-symmetric and reflexive and for any two elements a,b ∈ L let the least upper… Read More
Two girls have picked 10 roses, 15 sunflowers and 14 daffodils. What is the number of ways they can divide the flowers amongst  themselves? (A)… Read More
Consider two events E1 and E2 such that probability of E1, Pr[E1]=1/2, probability of E2, Pr[E2]=1/3, and probability of E1 and E2, Pr[E1 and E2]=1/5,… Read More

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