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[5 Marks question] Consider the set of relations EMP(Employee-no, Dept-no, Employee-name, Salary) DEPT(Dept-no, Dept-name, Location) Write an SQL query to: a. Find all employee names… Read More
[5 Marks question] Consider a B-tree with degree m, that is, the number of children, c, of any internal node (except the root) is such… Read More
[5 Marks question] a. A certain processor provides a ‘test and set’ instruction that is used as follows: TEST register, flag This instruction atomically copies… Read More
[5 Marks question] A certain computer system has the segmented paging architecture for virtual memory. The memory is byte addressable. Both virtual and physical address… Read More
[5 Marks question] Design a 2K x 8 (2048 locations, each 8 bit wide) memory system mapped at addresses (1000)16 to (17FF)16 for the 8085… Read More
[5 Marks question] Consider the following program fragment in the assembly language of a certain hypothetical processor. The processor has three general purpose registers R1,… Read More
[5 Marks question] Consider the following pascal program skeleton: program sort(...); var a,x,...; procedure readarray; var i,....; begin ...:=a... end; procedure exchange(...); begin ...:=a... ...:=x...… Read More
[5 Marks question] What will be the output of the following program assuming that parameter passing is (i) call by value (ii) call by reference… Read More
[5 Marks question] a.  Show that the formula [(~p ∨ q) ⇒ (q⇒ p)] is not a tautology. b.  Let A be a tautology and B be… Read More
[5 Marks question] An instruction pipeline consists of 4 stages: Fetch(F), Decode operand field (D), Execute (E), and Result-Write (W). The five instructions in a… Read More
[5 Marks question] a. In a binary tree, a nil node is defined to be a node with 2 children. Use induction on the height… Read More
[5 Marks question] a.  Consider the following algorithm. Assume procedure A and procedure B take O(1) and O(1/n) unit of time respectively. Derive the time… Read More
[5 Marks question] Suppose we have a function HALTS which when applied to any arbitrary function f and its arguments will say TRUE if function… Read More
The least number of temporary variables required to create a three-address code in static single assignment form for the expression a=b * d – c… Read More
[5 Marks question] Let A be an n*n matrix such that the elements in each row and each column are arranged in ascending order. Draw… Read More