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An N-bit carry look ahead adder, where N is a multiple of 4, employs ICs 74181 (4 bit ALU) and 74182 (4 bit carry look… Read More
The correct matching for the following pairs is (A) DMA I/O (1) High speed RAM (B) Cache (2) Disk (C) Interrupt I/O (3) Printer (D)… Read More
Purpose of a start bit in R8232 serial communication protocol is (A) to synchronize receiver for receiving every byte (B) to synchronize receiver for receiving… Read More
RST 7.5 interrupt in 8085 microprocessor executes the interrupt service routine from interrupt vector location (A) 0000H (B) 0075H (C) 003CH (D) 0034H Answer: (C)… Read More
Let * be defined as x * y = x’ + y. Let z = x * y. Value of z * x is (A) x’+y (B)… Read More
Heap allocation is required for languages (A) that support recursion (B) that support dynamic data structures (C) that use dynamic scope rules (D) none of… Read More
The condition expansion facility of macro processors is provided to (A) test a condition during the execution of the expanded program (B) to expand certain… Read More
A language L allows declaration of arrays whose sizes are not known during compilation. It is required to make efficient use of memory. Which of… Read More
Which of the following is essential for converting an infix expression to the postfix from efficiently ? (A) An operator stack (B) An operand stack… Read More
In the following grammar X :: = X ⊕ Y / Y Y :: = Z * Y / Z Z :: = id Which… Read More
The correct matching for the following pairs is (A) All pairs shortest path (1) Greedy (B) Quick Sort (2) Depth-First search (C) Minimum weight spanning… Read More
The concatenation of two lists is to be performed in O(1) time. Which of the following implementations of a list should be used? (A) singly… Read More
The determinant of the matrix is             (A) 11 (B) -48 (C) 0 (D) -24 Answer: (B) Explanation: The determinant… Read More
The Newton-Raphson method is used to find the root of the equation x2 – 2 = 0. If the iterations are started from -1, the iterations… Read More
The probability that it will rain today is 0.5. The probability that it will rain tomorrow is 0.6. The probability that it will rain either… Read More

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