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Consider the following C code int main() { int a = 300; char *b = (char *)&a; *++b = 2; printf("%d ",a); return 0; }… Read More
In Go–back 3 flow control protocol every 6th packet is lost. If we have to send 11 packets. How many transmissions will be needed ?… Read More
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Consider n elements that are equally distributed in k stacks. In each stack, elements of it are arranged in ascending order (min is at the… Read More
How many antisymmetric relations are there on a set with n elements ? (A) 2n.3n(n-1)/2 (B) 2n (C) n2 (D) n Answer: (A) Explanation: Any… Read More
Let A = { 1,2,3,4,…….∞ } and a binary operation ‘+’ is defined by a + b = ab ∀ a,b ∈ A. Which of… Read More
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A and B are two sets. If |A| = 5 , |B| = 3 , then, the number of onto functions from A to B… Read More