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Prerequisite: How to return multiple values from a function in C or C++? There are often cases of using return statements while dealing with function calls.… Read More
In this article, we will see ECMAScript 6/ES2015 Features in JavaScript. 1. Arrow function: Arrow function uses the => syntax as its shorthand. It’s an… Read More
Pre-requisite: if-else This article focuses on discussing what happens when the print statement is used inside the if-else conditional statement. For example: Consider the below… Read More
Variadic functions are functions that can take a variable number of arguments. In C programming, a variadic function adds flexibility to the program. It takes… Read More
With the advent of MATLAB and all the scientific inbuilt that it has brought, there’s been a significant change and simplification of sophisticating engineering scenarios.… Read More
Function Pointer: A function pointer, or a subroutine pointer, or a procedure pointer, is a pointer that points to a function. In simple words, it… Read More
The following article discusses the way to return a local variable created inside a function, which can be done by returning a pointer to the… Read More
Overview:C has two sets of binary stream files for reading and writing in UNIX: fread() and fwrite(). fwrite() is a function that writes to a… Read More
Static Function: It is a member function that is used to access only static data members. It cannot access non-static data members not even call… Read More
Static Function: It is basically a member function that can be called even when the object of the class is not initialized. These functions are… Read More
Programming paradigm is an approach to solve problems using some programming language or also we can say it is a method to solve a problem… Read More
A programming paradigm is an approach to solve problems using some programming language or also we can say it is a method to solve a… Read More
The function midpoint() computes the midpoint of the integers, floating-points, or pointers a and b.Header File:  <numeric>  Parameters: This function accepts two data types like… Read More
The Math.js is an extensive library with mathematical functions that work on JavaScript and Node.js. The additional feature of this library is that it provides… Read More
Higher-order functions are functions that take functions as an argument. It is used in functional languages which is not used in C++ are, although this… Read More

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