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Widget with side-by-side source code view. A static syntax highlighter widget that highlights code text according to the programming language syntax using native Dart code.… Read More
Neumorphism is a UI element that uses shadows to create an Elevation effect. Two opposite edges of the container are considered, one in front of… Read More
When we want to navigate between the screens in flutter then we use Navigator in Flutter. It uses context and builders for navigation. Sometimes, we… Read More
When we are using any app then we do navigation to navigate between screens. Sometimes we want to return to the previous screen so we… Read More
Decorating text fields can be a big task if you have a large application. There is a package gradient_textfield that could make this time-consuming task… Read More
If the app involves a color picking system, we can do it effortlessly in Flutter using the flutter_colorpicker library. It is easy to customize which… Read More
There is a very common pixel overflow error in Flutter whenever there are too many widgets in a Column and they are not able to… Read More
Badges can be used for various purposes in an application. For example, showing the number of messages, number of items in the cart, etc. In… Read More
The major seen usage of the switch is in switching between dark and light theme of app. It depends upon UI what kind of switch… Read More
Flutter is growing with its libraries and community. Earlier, we could use Machine Learning and Flutter together to create powerful applications. Now, we can combine… Read More
Flutter is known for its easiness to create cross-platform applications. Either it is creating introduction screens for the app or any screen. We got an… Read More
Flutter is loaded with libraries to make development easier with less code and more functionalities. We are back with another amazing Flutter package today.  Showing… Read More
The flutter community is making Flutter strong and popular through its libraries making the development faster and simpler. Flash is a Flutter library that serves… Read More
Gradients are considered to be eye-catching elements in UI/UX and graphic design. Having gradient elements in your apps can really elate your app in terms… Read More
A bottom navigation bar is a material widget that is present at the bottom of an app for selecting or navigating to different pages of… Read More

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