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Recently, Flipkart visited our college for offering a summer internship for the pre-final year. I am happy to tell you that I cracked this opportunity… Read More
Round 1(Machine Coding-2 hours): The first round was machine coding round, the problem statement was to create a online food ordering system with various features.… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding – 30 mins discussion on problem statement, 3hrs to implement, another 1 – 1.5 hrs discussion on solution, with test cases.… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding Round: Given 90 minutes of time  Design a mobile catalog I have to write three function like search by model name… Read More
March-April, 2021 I appeared for Flipkart Data Engineering-I hiring process by applying from the job portal in April 2021.  Round 1(Machine Coding): From the machine… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers, where the ith element represents the range of a sprinkler i.e [i-arr[i], i+arr[i]] it can water, the… Read More
Role: SDE-1 (2021) Total-Experience: 1.7 years Location: Bengaluru Total number of Rounds: 3  Mode: virtual I applied for the SDE position at Flipkart through its… Read More
First Round(MC Round): Given 90 minutes. Design a Vehicle Rental Service.  Here’s the question: Description: Flipkart is starting a new vehicle rental service FlipCar. In… Read More
Flipkart visited our campus virtually for placements in January 2021. Students of CS and circuit branches were eligible. Recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds in… Read More
Telephonic 1: Given string s and string t find whether all permutation of t is present as a substring in s. Find the kth node… Read More
Given an array A[] consisting of N integers, where each value represents the marks of the ith student, the task is to find the minimum… Read More
I have attended the Flipkart – SDE Mobile position interview on 16th April 2020.  There were total five rounds for this position and each round… Read More
Ride-Sharing Application- SDE II.  2hrs (90min Coding + 30min Review) Description: Implement a ride-sharing application with the below-expected features. Features: The application allows users to… Read More
Process: 1 Online Aptitude 2 Technical Rounds 1 Hiring Manager Round Online Aptitude: September 2020 3 Questions of varying difficulties: Given an array and an… Read More
Flipkart visited my college for the role of SDE1 in the month of October 2020. There were a total of 4 rounds. Round 1(Online coding… Read More

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