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Flipkart Interview Experience (Flipkart Grid 3.0 for SDE 1 intern+FTE) Flipkart Interview experience off-campus through Flipkart Grid 3.0. Flipkart Grid 3.0 is a team hackathon… Read More
Round 1: Written 3 questions in round 1. Candidates who solved all three questions get shortlisted for the next round. [slight variation of this]… Read More
I have applied via Linkedin and received call from HR. There are 4 rounds of interview. Normally, We see machine coding as first round, due… Read More
Flipkart Internship Interview Experience for SDE On-Campus 2021 Round 1: Online Test   There are three coding questions. I don’t remember the exact questions. The… Read More
Hi everyone, Hope everything is fine. Today I’m going to share my Flipkart Interview experience for the role of UI Engineer I. So without further… Read More
Today Flipkart came for On-Campus full-time software development hiring.  Round 1(Online Test): The test was on AMCAT consisting of 3 questions that have to be… Read More
Recently, Flipkart visited our college for offering a summer internship for the pre-final year. I am happy to tell you that I cracked this opportunity… Read More
Round 1(Machine Coding-2 hours): The first round was machine coding round, the problem statement was to create a online food ordering system with various features.… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding – 30 mins discussion on problem statement, 3hrs to implement, another 1 – 1.5 hrs discussion on solution, with test cases.… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding Round: Given 90 minutes of time  Design a mobile catalog I have to write three function like search by model name… Read More
March-April, 2021 I appeared for Flipkart Data Engineering-I hiring process by applying from the job portal in April 2021.  Round 1(Machine Coding): From the machine… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers, where the ith element represents the range of a sprinkler i.e [i-arr[i], i+arr[i]] it can water, the… Read More
Role: SDE-1 (2021) Total-Experience: 1.7 years Location: Bengaluru Total number of Rounds: 3  Mode: virtual I applied for the SDE position at Flipkart through its… Read More
First Round(MC Round): Given 90 minutes. Design a Vehicle Rental Service.  Here’s the question: Description: Flipkart is starting a new vehicle rental service FlipCar. In… Read More
Flipkart visited our campus virtually for placements in January 2021. Students of CS and circuit branches were eligible. Recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds in… Read More