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Round 1: Went through my work experience and resume, got asked a bunch of soft questions like what was my most impactful work project, how… Read More
Given k sorted arrays of possibly different sizes, find m-th smallest value in the merged array.Examples:   Input: m = 5 arr[][] = { {1, 3},… Read More
I appeared for interview at Facebook, London for the post of Security Analyst once your resume is selected by the talent sourcer you will be… Read More
Given a binary array, we can flip all the 1 are in the left part and all the 0 to the right part. Calculate the… Read More
Given a string s, break s such that every substring of the partition can be found in the dictionary. Return the minimum break needed.  Examples: … Read More
There is a given binary matrix, we need to find if there exists any rectangle or square in the given matrix whose all four corners… Read More
Given that integers are being read from a data stream. Find the median of all the elements read so far starting from the first integer… Read More
Given a string of numbers, the task is to find the maximum value from the string, you can add a ‘+’ or ‘*’ sign between… Read More
Given a string containing uppercase alphabets and integer digits (from 0 to 9), the task is to print the alphabets in the order followed by… Read More
An encoded string (s) is given, the task is to decode it. The pattern in which the strings are encoded is as follows.  <count>[sub_str] ==>… Read More
Given an array, find the subarray (containing at least k numbers) which has the largest sum. Examples:  Input : arr[] = {-4, -2, 1, -3} k… Read More
Given a string that contains ternary expressions. The expressions may be nested, task is convert the given ternary expression to a binary Tree.  Examples:  Input… Read More
Facebook hacker cup is an annual algorithmic programming contest organized by Facebook. Be it, students, professionals, or experts it attracts numerous programming enthusiasts from all… Read More
Given an array with positive number the task is that we find largest subset from array that contain elements which are Fibonacci numbers.Asked in Facebook … Read More
Given two positive numbers as strings. The numbers may be very large (may not fit in long long int), the task is to find product… Read More

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