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Given an array arr[] of N integers and an integer K, the task is to check if the expression formed for any permutation of the… Read More
Given an array arr[]. The task is t find the value of X such that the result of the expression (A[1] – X)^2 + (A[2]… Read More
Expression: An expression is a combination of operators, constants and variables. An expression may consist of one or more operands, and zero or more operators… Read More
You have an unlimited amount of banknotes worth A and B dollars (A not equals to B). You want to pay a total of S dollars using exactly N notes. The… Read More
Given a character array a[] represents a prefix expression. The task is to build an Expression Tree for the expression and then print the infix… Read More
Conversion of infix to postfix expression can be done elegantly using two precedence function. Each operator is assigned a value (larger value means higher precedence)… Read More
The stack organization is very effective in evaluating arithmetic expressions. Expressions are usually represented in what is known as Infix notation, in which each operator… Read More
Infix: An expression is called the Infix expression if the operator appears in between the operands in the expression. Simply of the form (operand1 operator… Read More
Given an expression string exp, write a program to examine whether the pairs and the orders of “{“, ”}”, ”(“, ”)”, ”[“, ”]” are correct… Read More
Vieta’s formula relates the coefficients of polynomial to the sum and product of their roots, as well as the products of the roots taken in… Read More
Given a string of length n having parentheses in it, your task is to find whether given string has balanced parentheses or not. Please note… Read More
Given a bracket sequence or in other words a string S of length n, consisting of characters ‘(‘ and ‘)’. Find the length of the… Read More
Given an array arr[] of string type which consists of strings “+”, “-” and Numbers. Find the sum of the given array.  Examples :  Input… Read More
Given a linear equation, task is to find the value of variable used. The equation contains only ‘+’, ‘-‘ operation, the variable and its coefficient.… Read More
Given an expression exp of length n consisting of some brackets. The task is to print the bracket numbers when the expression is being parsed.… Read More

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