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This was an on-campus opportunity where Expedia visited our campus and I was applying for the Intern position. The overall hiring process consisted of 3… Read More
How I applied: (Via Referral) Screening round (Resume Shortlisting) After 1-2 weeks I received the test link Online assessment Online assessment (Time: 90 minutes) Pattern:… Read More
Expedia’s General Selection Procedure: Resume Shortlisting Affinity Strength Assessment Test Coding Assessment Technical interview ROUND 1: Resume Shortlisting:  Keep your resume simple yet clearly describing… Read More
I applied to around 20+ positions in Expedia for sde1, and sde2 for frontend, backend, and full stack.Finally, got the OA link after applying through… Read More
The hiring process at Expedia for the SDE-2 java Backend role consists of 5 stages. 1 Coding test on hacker rank followed by 4 rounds… Read More
Recently Expedia visited my campus for both FTE and summer intern for SDE as well as product management. I sat in the interviews for SDE… Read More
Expedia came to our campus for SDE – 1 role. Approximately 500 students applied for the same. Expedia’s Hiring Workflow:  Resume Based Shortlisting Psychometric Round… Read More
Round – 1 Test – Coding – 3 Problems -100 mins Run Length Encoding and DecodingGiven an input string, write a function that returns the… Read More
Expedia came to our campus for the SWE-1 role. A total of 200+ students applied for its recruitment drive. I was also one of the… Read More
Coding Round 1: Given a pair of integers (a,b), you can perform the below operations any number of times and in any order. Change (a,b)… Read More
Some Backstory: I got to know About Expedia through the Campus hiring process as it visited our campus on August 5, 2022, for the role… Read More
Profile: Education: New grad, Tier 1 Interview Round 1(Online Assessment): Online Assessment on HackerRank, consisting of 2 coding questions & 10 MCQs. The total time… Read More
Education: Btech 3rd year ECE student of Tier-2 Online Test via Hackerrank: The online test was proctored and we were not allowed to switch between… Read More
Expedia group visited our campus for hiring interns for summer 2022. There was no CGPA cutoff and students from every branch were allowed to appear… Read More
It was an off-campus opportunity. Round 1(Online assessment on Hackerrank-90mins) There were two sections comprising MCQs(related to java and dsa) and 2 coding questions.  … Read More