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In a computer system, variables and data types are almost used in every program to store and represent data. Similarly, Excel VBA also has variables… Read More
Message Box is one of the most frequently used functions in VBA Macro. The message box is a dialogue box that appears on the screen… Read More
VBA Macro is for developers. In Excel, macro is a piece of code written in VBA and VBA is Microsoft’s programming language, it stands for… Read More
Have you ever seen a text file in a notepad or a source code file in visual studio code? These all are just basic files… Read More
In Power Query, we have an option to Combine two tables using “Merge queries”.   Merge Queries: Merge with current query with another query Merge… Read More
A function is a collection of code.  As a developer, we very often need a custom function (User-defined function) in our projects. Here we explain… Read More
Often clients need PPT files as PDFs.  It helps to view on any device.  Use below VBA Macro to convert PowerPoint files from a folder… Read More
We use UBound and LBound functions to get the length of an Array in Excel VBA. In this article, we will discuss them in detail.… Read More
We can use Select case instead of using multiple if then statements in Excel VBA. In the below example user will enter the student mark… Read More
We use  Range.SpecialCells() method in the below VBA Code to find and return details of last used row, column, and cell in a worksheet. Sample… Read More
Excel VBA code to remove duplicates from a given range of cells. In the below data set we have given a list of 15 numbers… Read More
There might arise a situation while working on Excel where you want the users to type in 10-digits(say)  numbers only in a cell. In these… Read More
VBA Program to read a Text file line by line (Sales Data) and places on a worksheet.  Sales Data in Text File: 5 Fields [… Read More
This VBA Program reads an Excel Range (Sales Data) and write to a Text file (Sales.txt) Excel VBA code to read data from an Excel… Read More
In Excel, managing space is a very important point to consider. Now, let’s suppose you are in a situation where you want to compare multiple… Read More

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