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Data visualization is a technique to represent the data or set of information in charts. Excel gives a tool of Power View where we can… Read More
Power View is the visualization technology that brings our data to life. It is available in Microsoft Excel, on Power BI desktop or we can… Read More
We can use maps to present our data in a geographical context. Power View Maps employ Bing Map Tiles, so one can zoom and pan… Read More
Let’s assume you need to present a lot of information with essential data points scattered throughout. To get the data you need in your Power… Read More
Microsoft Excel’s Power View is a complex visualization function that allows users to create graphs, charts, and reports. It makes it simple for organizations to… Read More
Bar charts are commonly used to compare data points from many data series. The categories are sorted vertically, and values are organized horizontally in a… Read More
Maps in Power View present your data from a geographical perspective. Power View maps employ Bing map tiles, so you can zoom and pan just… Read More
In excel Power view, the card visualization feature helps to display the table data in the form of pictorial representation. Every row of the table… Read More
Power View is a sophisticated visualization feature in Microsoft Excel that enables users to generate graphs, charts, and reports. It makes it easy for organizations… Read More
Power View allows for interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation, promoting easy ad hoc reporting. Power View’s flexible visuals enable on-the-fly analysis of large data… Read More
A matrix is a sort of visualization that, like a table, is made up of rows and columns. A matrix, on the other hand, may… Read More
Power View is one of the features of excel, which enables us to visualize, explore and present large data sets and encourage ad-hoc reporting. The… Read More
For whatever visualization we decide to make with Power View, we start by generating a Table, which is the default, and then quickly convert the… Read More

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